My name is Andrew Diamond. I write software and novels. The software consists mainly of fault-tolerant distributed systems, web applications, and REST APIs. The novels are mostly mysteries and thrillers, with an occasional comedy.

The Author

Why is this site called sheprador? I named it after the breed of dog I adopted many years ago, a cross between a German Shepherd and a Labrador. If you’re thinking of adopting one, do it!

Professional / Software

Personal / Writing

Emacs or vi?

  • Emacs. And not just for Go, Ruby, Python, SQL, Bash, JavaScript, etc. I write all my novels in it too. Lately, I’ve been using VS Code as well, mainly for its visual debugger.

Other things I’ve done…

  • Presented at digital preservation conferences
  • Taught high school English in Seattle
  • Worked as an customer service rep back when they sold only books
  • Edited books and online courseware
  • Worked as a file clerk in a law firm
  • Worked as a bike messenger
  • Got arrested buck naked in an alley in Washington, DC
  • Completed the RAMROD six times
  • Married the right woman
  • Published ten novels
  • Won writing awards from Writer’s Digest, Readers' Favorite, Kirkus Reviews, BestThrillers, and more